Tänze:   N, O, P, Q und R








Nancy Mulligan

Maggie Gallagher &
Gary O'Reilly

Nancy Mulligan
Ed Sheeran

Neon Moon Cha


Neon Moon
Brooks & Dunn

Never & Forever (W)

Rob Fowler

Never, Ever And Forever
Lee Ann Womack & M. Wills

Never Ever

Petra & Georg Kiesewetter

No No Never
Texas Lightning

No Ordinary Angel (W)

Daniel Trepat u.a.

No Ordinary Angel
Nick Howard

No Quitter

Audrey Watson

I Ain't No Quitter
Shania Twain

Not Fair

Francien Sittrop

Not Fair
Lily Allen




Old 97

Diana Dawson

The Wreck Of the Old 97
Boxcar Willie

Old And Grey

Rob Fowler

Old And Grey
Derek Ryan

On My Way

Benny Ray

I Can't Take You Anywhere
Toby Keith

Open Heart Cowboy (C)

Sandrine Tassinari &
Magali Lebrun

Little Yellow Blanket
Dean Brody




Paris 98

Michael John sen. &
Michael John jr.

Carneval De Paris
Dario G.

Pavement Ends
(The Florida Dance)

Gudrun Schneider &
Florida Friends

Pavements End
Little Big Town

Picnic Polka

David Paden

Cowboy's Sweetheart
LeAnn Rimes

Pink Stilettos

Rob Fowler &
Daniel Whittaker

Two Step
L. Bell Bundy feat. Colt Ford

Pizza & Beer (C)

Adriano Castagnoli

Dreaming Enough To Get Me By  /  Tony Ramey


Dynamite Dot


Port Ti Sere (4 U I Will Be)

Jo Thompson Szymanski

Port Ti Sere
Ronnie Beard

Pour Me

Rob Fowler

Pour Me
Trick Pony


Karl Urani

Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht?
Orchester Erik Frantzen

Pretty Little Galway Girl

Hayley Wheatley

Galway Girl
Ed Sheeran

Proud Mary Burnin'

Sobrielo Philip Gene

Proud Mary
Glee Cast




Quarter After One

Levi J. Hubbard

Need You Now
Lady Antebellum




Reaching A Fever Pitch

Rosie Morrison

Rolling In The Deep

Rebel Amor

Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos

Rebelde Amor
Belle Perez

Red Staggerwing

Jane Hendrikse

Red Staggerwing
Mark Knopfler

Reet Petite

The Lady In Black

Reet Petite
Jack Wilson

Rhyme Or Reason

Rachael McEnaney

It Happens


Dave Ingram

Ridin' Alone


Diana Lowery


River Of Dreams

Charlotte Skeeters

River Of Dreams
Billy Joel

Rock-A-Billy Rebel

Yvonne Anderson

Rockabilly Rebel

Rocket To The Sun

Maddison Glover

What You've Done To Me
Samantha Jade


Anita McNab

Some Beach
Blake Shelton

Rock It Easy

Ronald "Ronny" Grabs

Don't Rock The Jukebox
Alan Jackson

Rock Mi (C)

Teddy Fournet &
Bruno Moggia

Rock Mi

Rock Paper Scissors

Maggie Gallagher

Rock Paper Scissors

Rose Garden

Jo Thompson Szymanski

Rose Garden
Scooter Lee